Infecting Fans Virally on YouTube

Music Business Begins Infecting Fans – 3 Lessons of Viral Marketing on YouTube
Social media has allowed more and more artists to make fans, sell music and even get signed to a major label.

Gone are the days where you have to go into shopping malls and set up a table if you’re trying to get people to support you and your music.

Social media has taken music to a better place, making it about the music again, rather than the money…or has it?

Whether you think it is about the art or the money, or both, I think you will find this article interesting.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few examples of people who have used YouTube not only to get their name out there, but also as a tool to collaborate with other artists out there and ultimately make more money.

Networking in the music business is often a result of a third party introduction.

Nothing makes this easier than YouTube, the free video hosting channel. There are 3 lessons we can learn from some popular musicians and their experiences with YouTube.

The following 3 examples reveal exactly how powerful viral marketing can be.

How can you connect with people in a way that encourages word-of-mouth viral activity?
You connect by being human and by being you. Above being “creative”, great art and especially great music, is inherently human.

By using the 3 lessons in the creative process and giving them a little push on the publicity side, the business of music can cause good art to go viral. Going viral means more exposure. More exposure means more fans. More fans mean more sales.

What artist, label or manager, etc doesn’t want to sell more music and merchandise or get more gigs and endorsements?

All simply because two people told two people, who told two people!

Viral marketing is now officially the musician’s new best friend.

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