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GuaranteedViral Tests Thumbtack

We are trying a new service for marketing.  They list you in various engines and websites to drive leads to your business.  Naturally, if we see decent results from them we will incorporate this product into the services we provide. The company is called Thumbtack and the services look promising. To learn more about them [...]

How and Why Viral Marketing Kicks the Crap(py traffic) out of SEO

How and Why Viral Marketing Kicks the Crap(py traffic) out of SEO An important comment was posted on an internet forum in regards to SEO versus Viral Marketing. Here is a paraphrase: “Social media might get loads of traffic but their conversion rates are very much dismal. I’ve had sites/stories which made the front page [...]

Infecting Fans Virally on YouTube

Music Business Begins Infecting Fans – 3 Lessons of Viral Marketing on YouTube Social media has allowed more and more artists to make fans, sell music and even get signed to a major label. Gone are the days where you have to go into shopping malls and set up a table if you’re trying to [...]


SEO IS DEAD SEO “USED” TO BE KING Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method businesses use to attempt to rise to the top of the results listings in Search Engines (SERPs). This has been a practice since search engines were invented for the Internet. Search engines encourage website owners to make their pages easier [...]